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Boonie Hats For Big Heads


Boonie Hats For Big Heads


Safari Boonie Hat - Black


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This Black Safari Boonie hat is both lightweight and comfortable. Protect your head and keep cool while enjoying outdoor activities. This traditional fisherman-style boonie hat for big heads includes metal-eyelets and an adjustable chin cord. The fabric is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. This is the perfect hat for days spent in the sun!

  • Available in size 3XL-4XL (7 3/4 - 8 3/4)
  • 3 inch brim
  • Extra hat depth
  • Can be easily folded and tucked into a pocket
  • Model BHS-1BK

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zach T. (Baltimore, US)

I am a lifelong involuntarily hatless person. I own a lot of hats that I've gotten as swag or gifts from places but I can't wear any of them because my head is too dang big. Lately I've been doing some gardening and I've found myself getting a bit sun weary. I thought to myself, wow I would like some kind of sun hat. And sure enough I found the big hat store, where they make hats for people like me with a big head!

The hat is quite nice. It protects my face, neck, ears, etc from the heat. And I don't find myself overheating. It seems to ventilate nicely.

And despite the color being described as "black", I see it as more of a charcoal or slate. It's more grayish which is great because it doesn't get very hot in the sun.

Overall I'm thrilled about finally having a hat I can wear and it's been getting the job done for my light gardening tasks. I might start wearing it on walks too :)

Steve G. (Bellingham, US)
Great Hat...But its Not Black

This is my second boonie hat from The Big Hat Store. I was excited to see it offered in black, but the hat came and is actually gray. So now I have a green one and a gray one and they work fine.

John L. (Idaho Falls, US)
Great hat and perfect fit

I love this hat and especially how it fit perfectly. Very comfortable. I hope you guys can provide more 4xl hats. I'll keep buying them.