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Conner Hats

Will Conner embarked on his journey towards hat making expertise early on, inspired by his father, Bill Conner, the pioneer behind Australia's first leather hat with a shapeable brim. Merging his passion for sales and marketing with his profound appreciation for his Australian heritage, Will founded Conner Hats in 2014, aspiring to share a piece of Australia's spirit globally. His commitment to selling genuine, hand-crafted Australian hats is driven by the belief in the product's authenticity and the cultural essence it represents, emphasizing that his creations are not merely hats but symbols of Australian identity and craftsmanship.

Upon moving to St. Augustine, Florida for college, Will was determined to prove the viability of selling Australian hats in the U.S. Leveraging the popularity of "Crocodile Dundee," he cultivated a loyal customer base by embracing sustainability by incorporating materials like organic cotton and hemp. He relied on a deep understanding of the environmental impact of business, guiding Conner Hats towards responsible practices and thoughtful product development aimed at reducing negative impacts on the planet.

Today, Conner Hats is a testament to Will Conner's perseverance, innovative spirit, and commitment to sustainable business practices. With a global presence, the brand sells hats and promotes a piece of Australian culture. Will's story is a compelling narrative of how passion, dedication, and a commitment to sustainability can lead to success in business while positively impacting the world, inspiring future generations to pursue their visions with determination and integrity.

Big Hat Store is proud to offer a selection of Conner Hat's great looking, hand crafted hats sized to fit the larger hats sizes that our customers are looking for.